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It is an artificial intelligent computing competition. The aim of the competition is to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI to solve worlds grand challenges. It is focused on creating applications beneficial for humans in multitude of disciplines. Every year leading up to TED 2020, the teams will compete for interim prizes and the opportunity to advance to the next years competition. The three finalist teams will take the TED stage in 2020 to deliver jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring TED Talks demonstrating what they have achieved.


Our objective is to create an AI system to solve the global problem of a STALE AND OUTDATED EDUCATION.Our software will focus on those skills and learning experiences people do not even know would have an effect in their life. Using Cognitive Systems and Computer vision technologies our system will provide the possibility of 100% personalized learning experiences to people around the world. This will be possible thanks to an in-depth analysis of users' global characteristics, their needs, motivations and emotions. Our software will suggest different content and experiences to the user by becoming a life mentor, which will guide his development in all respects. Proactivity is our key asset: the suggested experiences will be change-oriented and focused on the unseen motivations and needs of the user.


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Bárbara JuanTeam Member

Antonio Ortega FernándezTeam Member

Pablo Pingarrón ZapardielTeam Member

Ofelia Paula Retamero PascualTeam Member

Dmytro Radchenko RadchenkoTeam Member

Javier González BerenguelTeam Member

Javier Pérez SianesTeam Member

Jorge Lavin MontoroTeam Member

Jorge Trallero CalvoTeam Member

Lola López GilabertTeam Member

Luis González LorenzoTeam Captain

Luis Inbernón CuadradoTeam Member

Vernor MuñozTeam Member

Ignacio SepúlvedaTeam Member

Carmen Palomino PérezTeam Member

Ignacio BautisteTeam Member

Wenceslao Díaz PérezTeam Member


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